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The Season 1 Finale of ‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’ Was So Satisfying—I’m Literally Applauding

Can you keep a secret? These little liars did!

*Major spoilers ahead for Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin episodes 8-10

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They have secrets, their moms have secrets, almost everybody in the damn town has secrets! Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin just wrapped up its first season (hopefully not final) and answered all our questions. And did so in such a campy, satisfying fashion that I can’t help but applaud this show. Who knew that a spin-off to a series (that was kind of a trainwreck) would be so good? With a dynamic group of teenage girls trying to navigate their own individual issues, as well as the twisted secrets of their parents, and a killer who showed no signs of slowing down—this series was quite the ride. And with its incredible ending, I’m on the edge of my seat to get more.

[Editor’s Note: Trigger warnings for sexual assault. To find out more about support options available for survivors of sexual violence, visit the official website for RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization.]

Here’s what happened

The final 3 episodes of the show helped bring this season’s devastating mysteries to a close. Even if there’s no renewal, we can at least say everything was wrapped up. First, we found out the identity of the person who raped Imogen (Bailee Madison) and Tabby (Chandler Kinney). It was Chip (Carson Rowland), Tabby’s best friend. Chip had seemed like a trusted friend, one of the “nice guys,” and the reveal is disturbing and disgusting. Chip, ultimately, is one of those entitled guys who are only nice until they don’t get what they want. And then they become monstrous.

Regarding the Angela Waters (Gabriella Pizzolo) mystery, she was treated like absolute shit by the girls’ moms (who tortured her), her own mother, and the whole school back in the ’90s. We find out she was sexually assaulted by Sheriff Beasley (Eric Johnson)—who we already knew was a rapist based on what he did in the first episode—so it’s not entirely surprising. But loose ends were tied up in A’s twisted ways. I have to say, one iffy part of the season’s finale, for me, was seeing all the mothers, aside from Imogen’s mom, getting somewhat happy endings. Not saying anyone deserves to be stalked and murdered by a vengeful, game-playing serial killer—but…

Who was A?

In terms of the ‘A’ reveal, it turned out to be Angela’s brother, and shockingly, they are both related to the principal of the school! He’s their father and knew what was going on all along—very twisted. He even sent his son after a very pregnant Imogen, one final time, during episode 10 (“Chapter Ten: Final Girls). Luckily, she’s a bad bitch of a final girl. After fighting back against “A,” she finally “defeated” him.

Or did she? The ending of the show had that balance of sweet and shocking. Not only did “A” survive being stabbed by Imogen, he escaped the hospital to strike again. Chip managed to make bail (no surprise), but he ended up not so well—with “A” killing him (we think). And Sheriff Beasley is stabbed in his hospital bed (he was shot earlier).

Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed as I write this. One can only hope it will be. It’s rare that a show can end with a finale that feels so tied up and satisfying, while also leaving plenty to tantalize us for more. What could we possibly expect during season 2? Who knows! That’s the intrigue of slasher series, there’s always someone lurking in the shadows, ready to start up (or resume) their reign of terror.

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