You Can Preorder an Apple Tablet on German Amazon (Update: Not Anymore.)

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Well, this is odd: the closest you can get to iPad preorder salvation on is to sign up for a notification when the iPad is available to be ordered.

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Likewise, on the stateside, all you can do is “Sign up to be notified when this item becomes available.”

But on Amazon’s German domain,, it’s already possible to preorder the iPad. Update circa 10:35 EST: not anymore. That was fast.

Followup article with more details.

A word of caution: the German iPads are pricy! They have the same pricing scheme as the American models — only in Euros instead of dollars. So: a $499 16GB iPad with Wi-Fi costs €499, a $729 32GB iPad with Wi-Fi and 3G costs €729, etc.

Inquisitr: “Apple has a tendency to believe that the Dollar and Euro basically is the same currency. It is NOT! 1 dollar costs 0.71 Euro. That means 1 Euro costs 1.41 US Dollars. So it is not ok to charge €499 for the “small” iPad, that Americans pay $499 for. That is a $200 price difference!”

If you want to take the plunge anyway, you can do it here.

(h/t Inquisitr via The Next Web)

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