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The Real Predators Trailer Is Here

This past weekend, Robert Rodriguez provided the SXSWing hordes with a sneak peek at Predators; today, we’ve got the real movie trailer, and it’s even better.

Despite the fact that, well, there isn’t all that much Predator screen time, it’s got the suspense, the action, and the scary red eye-glow things, and it manages to satisfactorily answer that peskiest of sci-fi questions: Why we should care about any of the boring humans? Answer: they are dangerous space convicts, and one of them is Adrian Brody.

Video after the jump:

Neat piece of trivia about the movie from StarSeeker: “Derek Mears will play the Predator, and Kane Hodder will also be in the film. What’s cool about that? Both Hodder and Mears do stunts, and fill in as Jason, in the Friday The 13th movies.”

(IGN via Topless Robot)

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