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The Powerpuff Girls’ Secret, Highly Faithful Homage to The Big Lebowski


If you thought The Powerpuff Girls was just a kids’ show — well, it is, but creator Craig McCracken managed to slip in a funny homage that probably flew over the head of the show’s target audience, but made their older siblings smile if they were in the room. A Powerpuff Girls Season Two episode called “Something’s a Ms” features a faithful minute-long tribute to The Big Lebowski, with Mr. Mayor sitting in for David Huddleston‘s wheelchair-bound elder Lebowski. There’s even a magazine-clipped ransom note.

The original scene, for comparison’s sake:

(Warning: Bad/jerky video quality, but it’ll hopefully spark memories)

See also: Berlin’s Big Lebowski-themed bar.

(via TDW)

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