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There Is a Big Lebowski-Themed Bar in Berlin

We knew The Big Lebowski was one of the cultiest cult movies there is, but this is a new level of devotion: There’s a bar in Berlin called “Lebowski” which is inspired by the movie.

Of course, White Russians are on the menu. Blogger Corrupt Camel recently went there and fills us in on other loving details: There are bowling pins and bowling shoes hanging from the ceiling. If you step into one of the bathrooms, you’ll hear all the audio from the movie playing (in German). Most impressively of all, the ice cubes in the drinks are shaped like toes.

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A pic of the bar’s decked-out interior:

Also, this is worth marking on your calendar: Chicago, Seattle, and New York will each be holding Dude-appreciating festivals on September 17-18, October 15-16, and November 4th, respectively.

(photos via Akikoo’s Flickr, Lebowski bar. h/t Biella Coleman. | Lebowski bar webpage [Google translated])

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