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Yup, That Movie About a Swimming T-Rex May Be Coming to Theaters Next Week

So dinosaurs aren't extinct but everyone's self respect is?

So you want to make a low-budget Godzilla rip off about a cartoonish dog-paddling T-Rex and then release it on the theater-going public? Yup, then a month before the highly anticipated Godzilla remake is definitely the best time to do that.

The trailer for Poseidon Rex has been making its rounds on the Internet for awhile, probably because of goofy things like a giant dinosaur doing the breaststroke. But obviously, there’s no escaping this “apex predator”: Neatorama and other news outlets are reporting that the prehistoric garbage will be floating into theaters and iTunes on April 18th. It’s a safe bet that whatever theatrical release this creature feature gets will be extremely limited: one of the few reviews I could find of it opened with ” I’d rather be eaten by the dinosaur. ”

Hey, at least now we know what Bryan Cranston was so upset about in the Godzilla trailers. He probably saw something “Half Dinosaur! Half Sea Monster! All Trouble!” Yup, that’s this bad boy’s tagline.

Besides, if you’re going to make a movie that combines dinosaurs and Greek mythology, “Aphrodite Rex” would probably be way scarier.

(via Neatorama, image via IGN)

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