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Modder Ben Heck Makes See-Through Portal Shirt [Video]

Internet celebrity and skilled modder, Benjamin Heckendorn, otherwise known as Ben Heck, has created a “see-through” shirt in honor of Portal, in what is probably the best Portal-related fan-made creation yet. Read one past the jump for the surprisingly simple details.

Take that, all those Weighted Companion Cube pillows.

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No, Ben Heck doesn’t work for Aperture Science, he simply hooked up an LCD display to the front of a shirt and a CCD camera to the back. The camera captures whatever his back is facing and display it on the LCD display in the front. That’s pretty much it. He did seem to use a red portal, though; to Portal fans, an obvious mistake–unless Mr. Heckendorn is showing support for the upcoming Portal 2 co-op. Then it’s alright.

(via Ubergizmo)

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