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It’s Hard to Overstate Our Satisfaction: Portal 2 Announced

If I had to pick one game with which to show a non-gamer that games can convey meaning and story, I’d pick Portal.

Luckily, Valve‘s 2007’s game of the year has a sequel in the mix, confirmed today with the release of next month’s cover of GameInformer magazine.

The orange portal corresponds one cover, and the blue to the other, front or back, a great design choice (printings will either have blue front, orange back, or the reverse).  Also, the headline?  “Aperture Science Returns For the People who are Still Alive.”  Mmmm, menacing dangling participles… delicious. 

Ok, we know it’s only sort of a dangling participle.

Information about Portal 2 is limited at the moment.  It will be a “full-fledged, standalone sequel,” to the smaller Portal, which was a short game packaged in the Orange Box.  Valve has announced that it will be released during the 2009 holiday season.  Kotaku also has an insider’s guide to Portal 2 rife with spoilerrific details concerning the plot and characters, taken from “leaked script samples.

Warning: there be spoilers over at Kotaku.  We don’t know what they are, because we didn’t look.  Check for yourself, if you dare.

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