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Portal 2 is Four Times as Long as Portal

Over at PAX Prime this weekend, the guys at Valve graciously showed off a ten minute co-op gameplay demo of Portal 2. While showing off new puzzle mechanics and robot hugs, the demonstrator casually mentioned that Portal 2’s co-op campaign will be twice as long as Portal‘s single player, and Portal 2’s single player will be twice as long as that. Do the math: That means that Portal 2‘s single player mode will be four times as long as Portal‘s.

This comes as great news to the majority of the gaming populace. While Portal was purposely kept short due to the uncertainty over how well it would be received (the first time I played it, it was about two-and-a-half to three hours, every time after that it’s been one to one-and-a-half), Portal 2 doesn’t face that uncertainty considering the original took the gaming world by storm. At about 10 hours, Portal 2 will be as long as a real modern game. ┬áThank you, Valve overlords. This is a triumph.

Video below: The length remarks come about a third of the way through the video, right after GlaDOS’s Einstein joke when the robots are stepping into the end level chambers.

(Joystiq via GameTrailers)

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