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This Portable Grill Has a Deep Fryer

The Blacktop 360 is a portable grill, similar to the various outdoor cooking instruments one sees on informercials at 4:30 in the morning that make an entire family dinner, but poolside. It includes your standard infomercial style array of equipment packed into one unit, such as an IR grill, a griddle, and a warming plate. The Blacktop 360 goes one further, however, and includes a deep fryer right in the middle, so now one can make French fries in peanut oil while getting back to nature and connecting with the great outdoors.

The deep dryer has a capacity of 20 ounces, which is probably just fine for a portable grill, because really, how much fried zucchini do you need when you’re trying to connect with nature? Like any good portable system, the Blacktop 360’s legs fold away and the unit can slip into a carrying case. But wait, there’s more! The unit can also be powered by propane tanks, so you can deep fry forever.

The thing currently costs $249.99, so if you only have $249.99 to your name for a while, you’ll have to make a decision between portable fried goods, or the Wi-Fi only PS Vita when it hits in February.

(Blacktop 360 via Gizmodo)

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