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A Politician in India Dresses as Spider-Man and Scales Buildings for Votes, I’m Suddenly Interested in Politics

With great power comes great (civic) responsibility.

That’s it, America is officially falling behind the rest of the world. Forget all of the other things we’re not first place in; we can’t vote for Spider-Man. Yeah, India has a politician who not only dresses as Spider-Man, but he climbs buildings to tell people to vote for him. If the next presidential race doesn’t involve jet packs and lasers, I’m done, America.

Gaurav Sharma is a former martial arts instructor for the Mumbai Police, where he presumably taught them how to catch thieves just like flies. Now, he’s running for India’s Parliament, and he’ll do everything a spider can to get the people to vote for him. He’s even got the kids yelling “vote for Spider-Man,” so good luck to his opponent. I don’t think I’d ever forgive my parents for voting against Spider-Man.

He’d better watch out, though. He’s practically begging for a newspaper with different political ideas to start the obligatory “Hero or Menace?” smear campaign. Is Spider-Man a good choice for Parliament? Some say his antics are dangerous.

He’s gotta be a better option than Darth Vader, though.

(via Kotaku, image via Associated Press on YouTube)

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