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Get Your First Look at Pokémon Sun and Moon and Their Adorable Starter Pokémon

2016 is a pretty good year for Pokémon, what with being the franchise’s 20th anniversary, seeing the re-release of the originals on the 3DS, and two brand new games (or I guess three if you count version variations) on the way. We’ve already seen a bunch of mobile game Pokémon GO, which is in beta testing, and now we’ve finally got a look at Pokémon Sun and Moon.

The upcoming Pokémon sequels were announced back in February, but we only got a look at the logos, an idea that they’d be graphically the same as Pokémon X/Y, and confirmation that they’d be coming to 3DS in 2016. Now, with the trailer, we’ve got a real glimpse at the game in action as well as a look at its starter Pokémon.

… And oh my God one of the starters is a KITTY! Well, I’m sold. Oh, and it’s a fire type? Bonus—I’m a sucker for fire types, and it’s all Charmander’s fault. Also, its name is “Litten,” so prepare yourselves for a deluge of memes about how lit it is. Or I guess you could go for one of the other ones: grass/flying type Rowlet or water type Popplio.

If one trailer isn’t enough, there’s also a Japanese one that focuses less on the gameplay and more on the idea of Pokémon bringing people together, and it’s downright heartwarming. Enjoy.

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