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Wii U Is Getting a Going Away Present in the Form of Pokémon Snap

Oh snap. *Ducks.*



The poor Wii U doesn’t have much more software on the way aside from a game that’s also appearing on its successor (Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild), but the folks at Nintendo still have some tricks up their sleeves. Keeping the recent Pokémon fever going, the beloved Nintendo 64 title Pokémon Snap is finally making its way to the virtual console on the Wii U today.

If you missed it back in the N64 days, Pokémon Snap is Nintendo’s Pokémon-themed version of an on-rails shooter. The twist is that the franchise’s family-friendly nature (aside from all that animal abuse) trades in any actual shooting mechanics for a camera, and Professor Oak tasks players with capturing 63 different Pokémon from the original Game Boy games on film for (in-universe) research purposes. It sounds simple, but there are hidden pathways and special tricks to getting pictures of some Pokémon, adding some depth to the unusual spinoff.

With a big reveal for Nintendo’s upcoming Switch console only a week away, this is truly a gift for the die-hard fans who stuck by the Wii U until the very end—probably the same people who know what a hidden gem Snap really is. There may not be many new games on the horizon for the console, but Nintendo certainly has plenty of room in its back catalogue to pull out a few more surprises like this for their biggest supporters, and I hope this isn’t the last time they do.

Got any other picks for retro games you’d like to see on the Wii U before Nintendo stops supporting it? Let us know in the comments!

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