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More Big Nintendo Switch Info Is on the Way, and Now We Know When



With the Nintendo Switch’s release window only a few months away in March 2017, the mid-October reveal video already felt a little late. However, Nintendo was clear the entire time that the short trailer wouldn’t tell the full story of the new console, and they’ve already got some time blocked out to provide the rest of the details: January 12, 2017.

That’s a relief, because the trailer didn’t really show off anything that fans didn’t know about from rumors—the confirmation and the first actual look at the hardware was nice, but there wasn’t a whole lot of new information. Then, afterward, it turned out that the games shown in the trailer aren’t necessarily all coming to the Switch, and they were instead simply used in video form for demonstration purposes. Nintendo’s website revealed a list of development partners, but with Nintendo’s history of faltering 3rd party support, some hard information on the Switch’s software lineup would go a long way.

That seems to be mostly what the big news will be in January, with the Big N planning to reveal, as indicated in their press release, information “including” the system’s specific launch date, pricing, and software lineup at a special “Nintendo Switch Presentation.” The presentation will be streamed live on the Internet, so mark it on your calendar if you don’t want to miss anything. It’s currently unknown whether any of the “major details” they’re promising at the event extend to new hardware functions that weren’t shown off in the initial reveal, but anything’s possible.

It seems more likely, however, that any additional hardware information will be less important than what was already on display in the trailer, so don’t expect anything earth-shattering on the hardware side. There will also be public demo events in the U.S. and Europe on unspecified dates following the presentation.

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