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Pokémon Minecraft Mod Has Awesome Potential

You thought Minecraft had everything? Well, it didn’t have Pokémon, until now. If you install the Pokémobs Minecraft mod by Seagoingmanatee and co-coder Pwootage, you too can craft Pokéballs, find Pokémon in the wild, capture them, and have them follow you around like pets. The mod is young, but it still boasts some impressive functionality. When hit by a Pokéball, the Pokémon give that characteristic “is it going to escape?!” wiggle, and when caught, they turn into friendly mobs that’ll follow you around like Pikachu. They can also be leveled up and even evolve, at which point their stats can be adjusted.

For all that, the mod still lacks some important details. There is nothing for your Pokémon to fight, for instance, and it appears that captured Pokémon cannot be confined to their balls but will always follow you around. Perhaps most troubling is that, for the moment, Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur can be found in the wild. These guys clearly love their Pokémon, so I have no doubt they’ll eventually implement a mechanism by which you must ceaselessly harass your friends to trade their starters if you want to catch ’em all. Otherwise it just wouldn’t be Pokémon.

Check out some videos of the mod below.

Warning: A little bit of rough language in the first video when a Pokémon refuses to be caught, but I’m sure you know what that’s like.

(via Buzzfeed)

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