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Pokémon GO Honest Trailer Sums up the Last Three Weeks of Our Lives

And we're OK with that.

Look, I love Pokémon GO. I’ve been lucky enough not to see a whole lot of the hate that’s apparently been going around from people who don’t, but I’ve seen enough defensive response memes to know it’s out there, and I’m not thrilled with the mocking. On the other hand, the game is definitely not perfect, and a lot of comical things have happened over the past few weeks because of it. Let’s take a quick, honest recap.

One thing does stick out as odd to me, though: the idea that everything “interesting” about Pokémon games has been removed in GO. Sure, the battle system is a bit watered down, but is endlessly level grinding any different from endlessly walking around outside? After all, the Pokémon battle system is already pretty simple for a modern RPG. Personally, someone I’ve introduced to the entire idea of Pokémon through playing GO together wouldn’t stick with the main series for more than a few minutes, because she has no interest in the battles, even in GO.

That’s not to trash the main series, of which I’m also a huge fan, but to illustrate a point I think a lot of people are missing surrounding this game: everyone’s idea of fun is different. Pokémon GO was never meant to be exactly the same as the main series, and it shouldn’t be. We already have enough of those games (with more on the way). Some people may find it less interesting after the initial excitement wears off, but it’s reinvigorated my love for the franchise as a whole.

Then, there are the all-out haters who can’t deal with the fact that lots of people are enjoying something when they don’t see the appeal. They’ll try to convince you that Pokémon GO is a silly waste of your time, but here’s the truth: so is literally anything people do for fun. Play Pokémon GO, don’t play Pokémon Go, but whatever you do, have fun.

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