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Gorgeous Poké Ball Duct Tape Flowers


You might have seen duct tape roses before, as they’re not the most uncommon of ducktivities, a word Duck Brand Duct Tape uses to oh so accurately describe fun activities that can be done with duct tape. You’re also most likely aware of a somewhat, kind of popular franchise called Pokémon, and the way the franchise employs the use of its poké balls to capture adorable little creatures and stuff them into tiny spaces for safe keeping. Since both duct tape roses and poké balls are two things that exist, they should be combined into poké ball duct tape flowers, obviously. They’re actually quite pretty, check them out after the break.

You can actually buy some of them over on the DuctTapeRos Etsy shop, along with other duct tape roses. As for the flowers being held, they were made by redditor iDork622.

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(Duct Tape Rose via reddit)

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