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Please Let This Pedro Pascal ‘Dark Tower’ Casting Rumor Come True

Everything leads to the tower.

In a scene from 'The Last of Us,' Joel (Pedro Pascal) stands alone with a pensive expression on his face. His hair and beard are graying to convey how much time has passed since the start of the outbreak.

With his penchant for playing weapon-toting reluctant daddy characters, Pedro Pascal has stolen the hearts of the internet. People are so in love that they are even searching for this man’s birth chart to see where he aligns with them. Which is TOTALLY normal, I mean just look at him.

With The Last of Us taking over the world on HBO and The Mandalorian coming back to Disney Plus with a new season soon, Pedro is a busy guy. Of course, we can’t help but wonder what he will be doing next. Any news of him hanging out with Hollywood creatives is going to get my imagination going. So when I saw some pictures on Twitter of director/writer Mike Flanagan with Pedro Pascal, my mind went into overdrive.

Is Pedro Pascal going to be in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower?

Back in December, Mike Flanagan and his creative partner Trevor Macy revealed they were developing Stephen King’s Dark Tower novel series into a show for a streaming service. They even had the blessing of King on their script. But who would play the iconic lead character of the Gunslinger himself, Roland Deschain?

This week, pictures on Twitter showed some kind of meeting between Flanagan and Pedro Pascal. Could it be that Pedro will take on the epic role of Roland? It would be a good fit. He has experience playing gruff gunslinging characters that you almost instantly fall in love with. The Mandalorian is often referred to as a spaghetti western set in space. King has often said that Clint Eastwood’s westerns inspired The Dark Tower. It’s like a western across a multi-dimensional background.

I am like a walking heart eyes emoji imaging Pedro starring in one of my favorite book series of all time. Honestly, Pedro could just as easily play the villainous Man in Black, Randall Flagg. It would be fun to see him play a bad guy again, but we love our guy most when he plays a reluctant hero with a mission. So can we get some confirmation that he is playing Roland? Please??!!!

(featured image: HBO)

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