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The People Want to Know, What Is Pedro Pascal’s Zodiac Sign?

Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller in the second episode of 'The Last of Us.'

Oh, the astrological fans have logged on. As one myself, I’m fascinated by the love we have for celebrities and their birth charts. Which is where Pedro Pascal comes in. Figuring out your own astrological chart can explain a lot of things about you. Like I know that I’m a neat freak about things and have to have them a certain way because I have two placements in Virgo but also I’m a Scorpio so if you wrong me, I’ll never forget it.

Learning that information about a crush is different. And yes, this is a celebrity crush but it still gives some insight into people so fans want to know what his chart says about him! It’s a thing, we like looking to the stars for answers (I guess in this case both the movie stars and the literal stars in the sky). But learning about someone’s birth chart without all the information is a little hard to figure out.

Unless you’re Andrew Garfield, just out in interviews giving out all your chart for free, there is some information that you’re going to have to either not have or just assume you sort of know. So let’s talk about Pascal’s birth chart as it is stated online and what it means.

What is Pedro Pascal’s Zodiac sign?

Born on April 2, 1975, Pedro Pascal is an Aries. Aries are very driven and determined, but they also love incredibly deeply. They’re the ones who will often take charge and they’re just very ambitious people. Which makes sense when you look at the sheer number of Aries that are celebrities. (I’m constantly surrounded by them with two of my best friends, my cat, and a number of celebrity crushes all being Aries.)

There are so many famous Aries for a reason and they’re all what I would deem as “go-getters.” Reese Witherspoon is an Aries, too, and she’s the epitome of what I would define as an “ARIES.” But with Pascal, he shows his determination in the sheer amount of work he’s putting out and it’s fantastic!

Zodiac moon and rising signs explained

So your moon sign is how you feel emotions. For Pascal, his chart on astro-charts says that he is a Capricorn moon. Now much like his Aries placement for his sun sign, his moon placement in Capricorn tends to make someone “practical, hard working, level headed, and ambitious.” Again, this makes his success make sense.

Now his rising sign is the one I’m not entirely sure on. Some sites said he’s a Taurus rising but you need your birth time for that to work. For me, that’s where I get my Virgo tendencies from. Because your rising sign is what you put out into the world. It’s your social personality, as it were. And so if he is a Taurus, that means he’s dependable and fierce but he also has a softer side. That being said, Pascal does have his Venus in Taurus, which gives him Taurus values with relationships, material goods, and more.


Take this information and do with it as you please, but this is what is on the internet about Pedro Pascal’s birth chart.

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