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I Still Don’t Have a PS5 but I’m Gonna Fangirl About Sony’s PlayStation Showcase Anyway

We. Are. Excited.

PlayStation Showcase

While Sony didn’t present during this year’s E3 conference, they definitely came to play at yesterday’s PlayStation Showcase, aka, “Do you have a PS5 yet cuz you’re gonna want one soon.” New games were announced, remakes were revealed, and long-awaited game footage was shown (*cough* *cough* GOD OF WAR *cough* *cough*).

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While you can view the entire showcase right over here, I’ve decided to list my personal favorites that were shown during the presentation.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake

I missed out on playing KOTOR all those years ago because I didn’t own an original XBOX, but I definitely knew of its greatness and read up on as much of the lore as I could. Part of me is hoping that the remake is treated like Final Fantasy 7’s, meaning that it’s a whole lot bigger than the original with an expansive world to explore for hours on end.

Project Eve

My lizard brain is preprogrammed to think Parasite Eve whenever I see the word “Eve” in a video game announcement. That’s not what this is (even if that “Project” could be part of the title or a codeword until we get the real title), but I’m here for the high action, Bayonetta-like gameplay with cool creatures designs… in space?


I too want a better life for myself, my loved ones, and my cats, but I’m not sure if I want that to translate to “get sucked into a fantasy world.” Still, I’m really into the protagonist here (yes I’m a transparent b-word when it comes to Black female video game leads) and the idea of building supernatural abilities while decked out in a flannel shirt. Also, I’m not sure who that villain is at the end of the trailer, but damn do I love a regal-looking woman who can kick my ass.

Alan Wake Remastered

While this was already announced for the Xbox Series X|S, it was revealed that it’ll be coming out on the PS4 and PS5, meaning that it’s no longer a Microsoft exclusive. If you haven’t had the chance to experience this game, I highly recommend it (as someone who played the 360 version back in the day), especially if you’re into psychological thrillers.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Filed under: I have no idea what the hell is going on but the visuals look like something out of my nightmares and I’ll probably be screaming while trying to fight. Is this an action game? Survival horror? Yes to all?


And now a break from all of the high-action, semi-horrific gameplay for something completely wholesome. Yeah, it kinda threw me for a loop, too, but this game really does look precious.

Marvel’s Wolverine

I went through a period of Wolverine burnout thanks to all the movies that came out that constantly felt the need to make him the central focus, but when this trailer showed up I realized that, wow, I could get into a well-made Wolverine game – especially since it’s Insomniac Games. After falling in love with their Spider-Man series of games, I’m of the mindset that if Insomniac wants to keep giving us superhero games, I’m in.

Speaking of which…

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Peter AND Miles?!

And is that Kraven the Hunter in that narration?!?!

With VENOM being voiced by TONY FRICKIN’ TODD?!?!?!

Jesus, Sony, how do you top this trailer drop?

God of War Ragnorok 


I see.


God of War has always been a favorite for me since the PS2 days, but WOW the PS4 version was such a great direction for the series to take. I, like many others, have been eager to see what was next for dad beard Kratos and his son, Atreus, and we finally got a first look at Ragnarok.

I just.

I mean.


This completes my list of reasons why Sony has my wallet in shambles. Which games are you excited about from this showcase, more importantly, how many times have you rewatched that Spider-Man 2 trailer?

(Image: Sony)

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