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Sony’s PlayStation Now Service Will Steal Your Free Time with Games Streaming to Devices from the Cloud

Have fun trying to explain what a "game console" was to your grandkids.

Get ready to never leave your house again, because starting this summer, on your breaks from binge-watching Netflix, you will be able to binge-game on Sony’s PlayStation Now service—even if you don’t own a PlayStation console. Utilizing the Internet’s complex series of tubes, they’ll allow you to remotely play PlayStation games on an array of devices.

The games are controlled remotely by you, but they’re actually played on Sony’s servers, which means you can play on pretty much any device that can stream video.

Right now, the only non-console devices supported are certain Sony Bravia TVs, but they’re looking to expand the list of compatible devices in the future. It also works on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Vita right now, but the really exciting part about this is the potential to move away from game consoles like the OnLive service.

Yes, we may one day encounter a future where games outgrow the need for their console bodies and become unstoppable cloud-based entities. You know, like the Time Lords’ plan in “The End of Time,” only without the whole destroying-the-world part.

Unless all we wind up doing after that is playing video games all day, in which case, yeah, that might be the end of the world. Hey, at least the end of the world would be fun.

Here’s some more info on how PlayStation Now is planning on stealing all of your free time straight from CES:

(via c|net, image via Sony)

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