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Playboy Launches Hebrew Language Edition So Israelis Can Claim to Read for the Articles

This morning saw Playboy launch it’s long-awaited (by some people, probably) Hebrew-language edition in Israel, allowing men around the world to pretend they’re reading a Chuck Palahniuk story while they leaf through their favorite skin mag in yet another language. Truly, we live in an age of wonders.

The Israeli edition of Playboy won’t just be a translation, though. The men’s mag prides itself on it’s local franchises, each of which strives to give readers around the world what they want — short fiction, celebrity profiles, and photographs of beautiful women in states of undress. The first Israeli edition — which hits newsstands tomorrow — will feature original interviews with figures in Israeli culture and politics, beginning with Home Front Defense Minister Avi Dichter, interviewed in the inaugural issue. The models for the magazine will also be local girls. Who cares about that, though — after all, you’re only reading it for the incisive political commentary, right?

In a recorded statement, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner told readers how honored he was that Israel had accepted the magazine into their culture, saying in part:

“I am equally pleased that so many of the core values of the magazine are also the core values of the country…”

Hefner didn’t delve into what those shared values were, exactly, though we can pretty safely assume they have something to do with boobs.

(via Jerusalem Post)

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