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Sickening: All This Plastic Was Found in a Single Sea Turtle’s Stomach

All of this plastic debris was found in the belly of just one juvenile green sea turtle found off the coast of Argentina.

More background on the underreported ocean plastic pollution problem which led to this sickening image:

Humans currently produce 260 million tons of plastic a year. When those products are pulled into the sea’s currents, the plastics do not biodegrade but are broken into smaller pieces which are consumed by marine life at the bottom of the food chain. An examination of gastrointestinal obstruction in a green turtle found off Florida discovered that, over the course of a month, the animal’s faeces had contained 74 foreign objects, including “four types of latex balloons, different types of hard plastic, a piece of carpet-like material and two 2-4mm tar balls.”

(Independent via Nothing to Do with Arbroath)

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