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Plants Vs. Zombies In World of Warcraft

Yo dawg, Blizzard heard you like timesinks.  So they put a timesink in your timesink so you can timesink while you timesink.

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The latest dose of beta content to hit the Cataclysm servers has included some things long awaited, and some surprises.  To the surprises, add that in the updated Hillsbrad foothills area of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, there are a series of quests that walk you through several games of Plants vs. Zombies Peacebloom vs. Ghouls.

Judging by TotalBiscuit‘s extensive video documenting the minigame, the port is almost amusingly clean and accurate.  Little bits of “solar energy” rain from the sky, which become the resources you need to plant various flowers that destroy the various undead trying to get from one side of a goblin farmer’s field to the other.  Some of the zombies wear buckets on their heads.  Some of the plant varieties slow zombies down.  There are even lawn mowers for when the zombies eventually bust through your carefully crafted tower lines.

But we know you’d never let that happen.

The game even rewards that most vital of all World of Warcraft loot, a non-combat pet.  Specifically a little singing sunflower.  Unfortunately, there is no sound file associated with Brazie’s Sunflower at the moment.  You can see what it looks like at the 23 minute mark in the video below.

Blizzard and PopCap Games, the makers of PvZ, have collaborated before to create versions of popular PopCap games like Peggle and Bejeweled that allow WoW players to play them without tabbing out of World of Warcraft, but this is the first time that a direct homage to a PopCap product has been integrated into World of Warcraft as a part of the world.

Check out the fidelity of the transfer:

(via Rock, Paper, Shotgun.)

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