Pixelthreads: 7 Fall/Winter 2016 Runway Looks & the Video Games They Belong In

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Fashion month is (still) in full swing, this time forecasting what the trends will be this fall and winter. The relaxed look is in in a big way, and the runway is full of looks that are the opposite of body con, with lots of wide-legged pants and voluminous coats to keep us warm. Fur (faux or real) also seems to be a big trend, and the bigger the fur accent, the better. Flat shoes are still on trend on the runways, though for fall, of course, they’re mostly knee-high boots.

But of course, I couldn’t peruse the fall shows without imagining what some of these pieces would look like in a video game, so here are some of my top picks.

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Designer: Dries Van Noten

Game: Persona

Dries van Noten was all about the uber preppy look, giving traditional prep school styles like the schoolboy jacket an updated edge by pairing them with unexpected colors and prints. They also paired them with voluminous flowy pants and even floor-length skirts to create a look that diverges from what we think of as classic prep. This purple blazer with striped pants was easily my favorite look of the show, and I could see it translated perfectly into a Persona game, particularly the latest, Persona 5. This is absolutely how a sophisticated Tokyo high schooler would dress to go and commit some mischief.



Designer: Delpozo

Game: A triple-A scifi game like Mass Effect or Mirror’s Edge

Even though a lot of designers interpret fall and winter as the time for a darker color palette, many designers this season opted for lighter colors for their collections, particularly in New York. Delpozo’s light and vibrant palette pairs perfectly with their super scruptural pieces, like this amazing suit that looks like it’s almost in the shape of a bow. I would love to see something like this in a game like Mass Effect. If the Illusive Man had been a woman, I feel like he would be all over this look.

Designer: Alexander McQueen

Game: A fantasy RPG, hands down

As a whole, this Alexander McQueen was not my favourite. The collection is not cohesive at all, and I find it’s trying way too hard to be “edgy.” The gowns, however, are pretty spectacular. All of them are sheer, keeping in line with the collection’s lingerie theme, and all tow the line between vulgarity and modesty. The moon dress is my favourite, in part because sparkles but also because it’s an extremely powerful look that still shows a lot of skin. This is something that videogames often have trouble with, and this is a great example of doing it right. This look would be perfectly at home in any fantasy RPG, as it’s pretty much completely fit for an elven princess.



Designer: Tadashi Shoji

Game: Final Fantasy

In case you couldn’t tell, lace is a huge trend on the F/W 2016 runways, but Tadashi Shoji easily did it best. This is probably my favourite collection from the entire season that I’ve seen. Shoji is also one of the few high end designers who also designs for plus size women, so he will always have a special place in my heart. This collection is described as “tribal,” a term I hate for the obvious cultural appropriative reasons, and while the collection is clearly inspired by Africa (models even walked to North African techno), it has an updated, sci-fi feel and isn’t so literal to feel like it’s ripping anyone off. I love all of the lace pieces, and the patterns really give it an updated, modern feel. This dress in particular would look perfect on a Final Fantasy villain, and the way it plays with cut and proportion (it is absolutely METICULOUSLY cut) is really something you don’t see in games very often.

A model walks the runway wearing Ohne Titel Fall 2016 during New York Fashion Week in New York City on February 16th, 2016

A model walks the runway wearing Ohne Titel Fall 2016 during New York Fashion Week in New York City on February 16th, 2016. (via)

Designer: Ohne Titel

Game: The next cyberpunk dystopia game

Ohne Titel’s A/W 2016 collection has a lot of influences, and I would say ’90s cyberpunk—things like The Matrix—is definitely one of them. However, the collection doesn’t look dated at all—in large part due to the color palette but also the way the collection mixes patterns and the use of laser cutting—but what I really love about this collection is how it’s very modern and urban and futuristic but has these soft touches, like the use of sheer fabric and feather and beaded accents on this mesh outfit. It’s very modern and unexpected. This look would be perfect for a hacker character—not that there are many games about those, but if there were.



Designer: ThreeASFOUR

Game: Any game that has armour in it

I wrote a couple of months ago how sci-fi games tend to have the exact same visual references, and so all the clothing in them, including armour, tends to look the same. Well, ThreeASFOUR is one of those designers who are really pushing what the meaning of sci-fi can be. ThreeASFOUR is heavily into using the latest technology, like 3D printing, in their collections, along with traditional crafstmanship to create collections that really look like they’ve stepped off an alien planet. Their F/W 2016 collection is no exception, and this 3d printed dress is truly stunning. It reminds me of armour, and what armour in games could look like. It doesn’t even have to be in a sci-fi game. Armour that looks like this dress would look great in a fantasy game as well.



Designer: Rodarte

Game: Bayonetta

Rodarte can be pretty hit or miss for me, but I actually really like (most of) their latest collection. I understand that the entire point of Rodarte is to be Too Much, but I often find their Too Much crosses the line into messy. Still, I think with this one they struck just the right balance. I actually really love the tights embellished with ruffled leather. Like, I would wear them. According to Vogue, it’s inspired by the flower children heyday of Berkeley, as well as art nouveau, and ’60s folk singers and The Godfaher, so make of that what you will; I definitely see some of it. The standouts in this collection are definitely the jumpsuits, which are black and ostentatious and fabulous. If they ever make a Bayonetta 3, I would LOVE to see Bayo in this jumpsuit, because she would SLAY.

Are you following the fashion week collections? What looks would you love to see in a video game?

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