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You Can Own These Awesome Pixelated Crayons


If you have a secret love of crayons and coloring books that aren’t so secret since you wrote about them on the Internet like I just did, grabbing some of these pixelated crayons might just be how to make yourself feel better that you just divulged a deep, dark secret. The fact that a box of six will only set you back fifteen bucks might also help lighten the mood.

Of the six crayons, AssistOn’s translated site says the colors include Marigold, Cosmos, Poppy, Tulip, Lavender, and Morning Glory. When using the crayons, one can change the angle they hit the paper, and it will produce different color combinations and effects.

Not only are the crayons cheap and pretty, but the page’s Google translation is fairly amusing and will provide an entertaining read whilst you’re ordering. Deep, deep crayon poetry taken from the translation:

Become a “genius of color” by anyone, such is the crayon.

As someone who totally doesn’t have at least four geometric design coloring books with various boxes of crayons hidden underneath a pile of papers in his computer desk’s cabinet, I probably won’t have already bought these crayons and shipped them to my apartment while writing this post.


(AssistOn via Gizmodo)

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