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Thimble the Mini-Pig Is Here to Rescue Any Bad Day

In other news, this bacon no longer tastes as good.

After conducting personal research, I’ve determined that happiness is not related to romantic love, professional fulfillment, or even spiritual growth. Rate of contentment correlates directly with the amount of time you are exposed to videos of mini-pigs, especially when they are “playing” instruments and/or wearing sunglasses.

Thimble’s Facebook page explains,

My name is Thimble I am a very talented and spoiled little pig I play piano and guitar and am taking singing lessons I want to be in a band with Dave Hause […] I was born on a farm then I went to live at a kennel and start taking piano lessons and I’m a prodigy!

With eight years of intense musical practice behind her (Thimble was born on Valentine’s Day in 2008), she’s also had time to master the art of stepping all over a guitar!

Life is hard and then you die. In the meantime, there are minipigs.


(via Laughing Squid, image via Thimble the Piano Playing Pig on Facebook)

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