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Photoshop CS6’s Content-Aware Fill Features Are Impressive

The prominence of Photoshop and its amazing capabilities have taught us that we can never really trust our eyes when presented with things on the Internet. Adobe’s image manipulation tool has always been impressive, to the point where we can’t quite tell if simple pictures are real or not anymore. In Adobe’s latest sneak peek of Photoshop CS6, they show off some of the ridiculously impressive content-aware fill features. Need to move a girl to the other side of a field, but not have a girl-shaped hole in the picture where she used to be? No problem. Want to make the roof above her extend further? It takes roughly five seconds and looks like you never manipulated it at all. Check out the sneak peek below, and if you don’t regularly manipulate images via a digital toolset, prepared to be impressed.

(via Photoshop YouTube Channel)

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