ONE DAY SALE: We’re Dropping the Price on the Complete Guide to Photography Training Bundle to Its Lowest Ever

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You don’t need a thousand-dollar camera or years of training to pick up the tricks that pro photographers use to create amazing photos. You just need the Complete Guide to Photography. Now’s the time to buy: this training bundle is normally worth $623, and is already marked down to $49 in our store—but for one day only, you can grab it for just $29 via the Mary Sue Shop.

What takes a photo from nice to “whoa”? Why can an amateur and a pro take a shot of the same exact thing and end up with very different photos? The five courses in this bundle will give you hands-on training that answer those questions. You’ll learn how different types of camera work…and what all of those buttons and settings are for, too.

Then, you’ll work on mastering different types of photography. You’ll learn how to use natural and artificial light to take portraits, effectively pose your subjects, capture the great outdoors using natural light and supplemental flash, and transform a digital image into a stunning black and white one. There’s even training into turning your hobby into a career, if you really get into it.

Pick up secrets from the pros: get the Complete Guide to Photography bundle for its lowest price ever—just $29 at the Mary Sue Shop.

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