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“Phonekerchief” Blocks Cell Signals During Dates, Lets Others Know You Care

The Phonekerchief is a handkerchief/pocket square made of “a smart material that actually blocks phone signals.” (Its makers don’t say what that material actually is; assuming it actually works, I’d guess it’s some sort of metalized synthetic material like aluminized Mylar, although I suppose it could contain electrified chicken wire. You never know.) Basically, the idea here is that if you’re out on a date at a fancy restaurant that doesn’t mind slightly sillily embroidered handkerchiefs, you at once block the signal on your cellphone and broadcast the information that you’re blocking your cell signal to your date (and possibly to other diners) to ensure for an intimate meal and undivided attention.

One might ask, “but why not just turn the cellphone off during the meal?” But come on, nobody actually does that.

(via Fashionably Geek; product page starting November 25th)

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