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The Philadelphia Police Will Send 16-Bit Game Villains After You If You Try to Save Your Parking Spot

To make sure you're compliant, you might want to take off every zig. You know... for great justice.


Sometimes, for great justice, it’s important for a police department to communicate on a level that its public can understand. When your public is your Twitter followers, memes and poor grammar are almost certainly the way to go, and the Philadelphia Police Department nailed it with this tweet about blocking parking spots.

Yes, as it turns out, the super-technological future is just a bunch of crazy nonsense and smug geeks laughing about it. Seriously, though, be polite. Don’t try to block your parking spot with furniture or cones during snowy conditions, because the police will confiscate your stuff and then tweet about it:

They know what they doing. #nosavesies.

(@PhillyPolice via @Geekadelphia on Twitter)

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