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Peter Dinklage Summarizes Game of Thrones In Under A Minute [Video]

Hear Me Roar

Two years ago, I was staying in a hotel with my mom on the same day that the Game of Thrones episode “Blackwater” aired. My mom wasn’t familiar with the show, so she picked up a book as I started watching. The book got set down pretty quickly. After the credits rolled, she asked me to explain the backstory. That being everything leading up to the Battle of the Blackwater. And so I did, over the course of an hour or so, with the help of a few hastily sketched diagrams on hotel stationery.

But silly me! As Peter Dinklage demonstrates in this video, you can sum up Game of Thrones in less time than it takes Podrick to gain control of his horse. (And don’t give the interviewer too hard of a time for never having seen the show. This was part of an X-Men: Days of Future Past press junket.)

(via Pajiba)

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