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Peter Dinklage to Star In R-Rated Leprechaun Comedy, or Leprechaumedy

It is known

Tywin Lannister would be pissed.

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Paramount’s unnamed film is described as being kind of like 2003’s Bad Santa, except instead of Billy Bob Thornton playing a fake Santa it’s Peter Dinklage playing a fake leprechaun. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

“The project is described as being deep in R-rated territory but wrapped around an emotional heart. Sources say it plays off of Dinklage’s size, as the story centers around a man who tells people he is a true leprechaun.”

Why would you…? Nope. Never mind. It honestly doesn’t matter. Peter Dinklage is going to be in an R-rated movie where he tries to get people to believe he’s a leprechaun and presumably curses a lot, if Empire’s “sharp-tongued” descriptor is anything to go by. That’s all I need to know.

Dinklage is more known for his dramatic roles than comedy, but if you’ve seen Death at a Funeral (either one—he was in the British and American versions, and while I’ve only seen the former I’m sure he’s good in both because, y’know, same character) you’ll know he can knock the lulz out of the park.

(via: Empire)

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