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White House Photographer Pete Souza Found a New President to Trail & No, It’s Not Trump

"The people's president."


If only.

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We love Pete Souza around these parts not only for his extraordinary talent as a photographer, but also for his uncanny ability to use that talent to troll the Trump administration through the captions on those beautiful pictures. See above. And here. And also here. And here:

Trying to envision someone six inches taller than President Obama hiding behind the Blue Room curtains.

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After spending two terms trailing Barack Obama as the Chief Official White House Photographer, I guess it was inevitable that Souza would start working with another President. And now that day has come.

Before you freak out, no, he’s not working for Trump. Can you imagine Souza wanting to work in the current White House? (At this point, I’m guessing that feeling goes both ways, too.) Nope, Souza has moved on to a different corrupt, conniving, criminal leader: House of Cards’ Frank Underwood.

Spending the day with President Underwood.

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Did you think he wouldn’t slip in his trademark trolling captions at the character’s expense? (Pretty brave to take a dig at Frank Underwood on a train platform, no?)

A push in the right direction.

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He sure does know how to capture the man’s  “F.U.” essence.

The people’s president.

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The photos come ahead of House of Card’s new season premiere on May 30th. You can see even more over on HuffPost.

(via Instagram, featured image: Obama White House / Flickr)

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