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You Can Now Have Your Very Own A.I. Personal Robot Lady Friend

If you have no fear of death at the hands of robot overlords, I guess.

Did no one see Her? Or Battlestar Galactica? Or like… any piece of fiction where teaching robots to be our friendly BBFs/have any artificial intelligence ever is a horrible idea?

At CES 2015 last week, Robotbase held their first demo for the Personal Robot, a fully-functioning artificial intelligence best friend forever who will literally do anything and everything for you. Not only does she look like a Sim, she can also fully understand and comprehend both the people and the situations around her. She can do everything! She can see you, understand what you say, move around on her own, and control every electronic object in your house! What could possibly go wrong? They’ve left the name generic so that you can name your own Personal Robot whatever you’d like. I’m partial to “Sarah.”

The project has already been fully-funded on Kickstarter, but you can still back it and get your very own Personal Robot for the low, low price of $995, shipping next Christmas. Or, you know, you could donate that money to the Future of Life Institute and perhaps save the future of the human race from foolish human hubris, but I’m not your mother.

Also, if any of you watched Caprica, you will recall that the Cylon race started out as robot butlers just like this.



Well, at least by making her a flat-screen interface, we lose some of the uncanny valley-ness of other humanoid robots that people insist on creating.

(via Daily Dot)

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