The Periodic Table of Swearing: Press a Button, Get Offended

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Built as a marketing tool for the comic Modern Toss, the Periodic Table of Swearing comes complete with buttons that, when pressed, deliver a swear word or phrase. Yes, those are a lot of buttons. Over 100, actually. One can only imagine the obscenities hidden within the generally educational Periodic Table form.

More than a hilarity machine, the Periodic Table of Swearing was a do-it-yourself project, and who doesn’t love one of those so long as someone else does them and we get to look at them? The tables surface is comprised of laser-cut MDF, which on which the 100-plus buttons were mounted. Under the surface, the table hides over 100 meters of writing and 300 solder joints.

Granted, after some use, one may find the 100-plus swear words and phrase a little stale, however fun it may be to smash on the buttons, so one could probably easily incorporate some sort of flash memory reader to load up different sound bites. Or, if you like to suck all of the fun out of things, you can just have it load up informational fact-based nuggets of learning about the real Periodic Table of Elements.

(via Hack A Day)

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