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The Periodic Table of… Everything

Awesome by way of being insanely detailed, this Periodic Table of Periodic Tables, a compendium of everything from Noble Geeks to the Unknown, was created by graphic artist Bill Keaggy as, you know, something to do on the weekend.

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“I kept thinking about how fun and clichéd and pervasive the periodic table framework has become,” writes Keaggy via his Flickr account, “and I thought, ‘Hey, there’s no periodic table of periodic tables.’ I Googled it and I was right. So I made one.”

Because necessity is, after all, the mother of epicness.

The chart, available in both flash and as a clickable image, has an element for just about anything a curious browser might want to click on. The actual periodic table takes the 21st spot here (Not sure how Scandium is related), but in its company are other “elements” like Bohr’s system and Benfey’s 2D spiral, with more tables linked within. Should all this geekery make you hungry, however, click on the 3rd element for the Periodic Table of Cupcakes, one of the Food elements. Followed by any one of the many other tables created by other inventive internet users at your disposal. The table is itself can be seen as a clever metaphor for the Internet itself — you can find the Periodic Table of the Internet at #2.

Unfortunate for some, the Periodic Table of Porn is presently incomplete. There is, however, a Periodic Table of Sex. Just putting that out there.


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