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There’s Still Time to Enter Pepsi’s Sticky Sweet Sweepstakes for Their Maple Syrup Cola

A Pepsi with a side of pancakes?


I live in a Pepsi drinking household and one that will, on occasion, try one of their new flavors—primarily of the Pepsi or Mountain Dew variety. While there have been some choices that strike the fear of God in me, there are others that I actually do like. Mango Pepsi is a flavor I thoroughly enjoy along with the brand’s Soda Shop offerings (Black Cherry and Cream Soda). Crystal Pepsi and Blue Pepsi are firmly in the “I can’t decide” category, while Cherry Pepsi will always be old reliable for me.

That being said, the thought of Maple Syrup Pepsi has me somewhere between “This could work maybe???” and “What the French toast?!”

What is Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola?

According to the press release, Pepsi is collaborating with IHOP to celebrate pancake lovers everywhere as, quote, “Few things awaken the senses like the smell of pancakes and maple syrup in the kitchen.” I would argue that coffee also awakens the senses, but I don’t think I’m ready for a pancake/maple syrup/coffee OT3 yet.

“There is truly nothing quite like the indulgent taste of Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola—sweet maple syrup blended with the refreshing taste of Pepsi Cola. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with IHOP on this special initiative, as it isn’t often we get to bring together two iconic brands to satisfy the cravings of pancake and Pepsi lovers alike,” said Todd Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer for Pepsi.

“At IHOP we celebrate our history of bringing folks together and providing a sense of togetherness, belonging, and joy when they dine with us,” said Kieran Donahue, Chief Marketing Officer, IHOP. “We are thrilled to partner with Pepsi to have some fun and create a moment for our guests to bring home an additional source of happiness with this limited-edition Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola.”

Now, I love Pepsi, and I love pancakes with some good maple syrup, but I’m not sure how that would translate inside of a beverage. That being said, this isn’t the first time Pepsi has done something completely bananas for the sake of us going, “Whiskey Tentacle Foxtrot?!” From PEEPS to Apple Pie, Pepsi isn’t afraid to try something that’ll either make you go “Why in the hell does this work” or “Ah, the sweet release of death.”

Honestly, syrup is kinda low tier compared to some of their other concoctions, and apparently, this breakfast in a can is so limited that you can only get it through a sweepstakes. Kaplan says, “We can’t wait to celebrate those who have an unapologetic love of pancakes by giving the limited-edition cans to 2,000 fans who #ShowUsYourStack online.”

How do you go about trying it?

While this technically started back on March 24th (I was on vacation, I’m sorry), the sweepstakes will be going until tonight. All you have to do is post a picture or video of your stack of pancakes on Twitter or Instagram. You can also mail in your entry as long as it’s postmarked by today (March 29th). Despite the partnership being with IHOP, the pancakes do NOT need to be from them. Along with your picture, use the hashtags #ShowUsYourStack, #PepsiSweepstakes, and be sure to tag @/IHOP.

I will warn you. The Twitter thread of people posting pictures is full of delicious pancakes. Do not scroll down if you’re hungry.

The plan is to select winners by April 6th, and each winner will receive two cans of pop/soda/whatever you call a carbonated soft drink (I say “pop” if you’re curious). One lucky winner will also receive a custom Pepsi spout that is presumably empty so you can fill it if you want, or maybe there’s cola inside for your pancakes?

If you don’t win a can, you can check out this review of the drink which says it, quote, “smells like something a five-year-old or an adult with a nostalgia problem might cook up.” UPROXX’s Christopher Osburn goes on to say that it tastes similar to the Pepsi x Cracker Jack combination (another flavor the company tried), “But it’s like someone took that one and poured maple syrup flavoring into it, not real maple syrup. It feels like the overly synthetic, mystery bargain syrup that can’t legally have the word ‘maple’ on its label.” They go on to give the pop a 70/100 before recommending it to anyone who wants “a fizzy sugary soda that tastes like a mixture of melted caramel corn and synthetic maple syrup.”

So … a C minus, then? Not bad.

(Image: Pepsi Co.)

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