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Thousands Already Selling Off Their Original iPads for iPad 2


Online gadget-buyer Gazelle is reporting that over two thousand original iPads were sold in the hour after the lighter, thinner, faster iPad 2 was announced yesterday. Wired points out that before the iPad 2 announcement, the bare bones, 16GB iPad would net sellers $375. Now, just a day after the announcement, Gazelle’s iPad stock has dramatically risen, dropping that cool $375 to a less cool $300.

Now, everyone knows there is a large group of people who abandon their old tech for the new, pretty stuff when it releases, but if one does a bit of estimation and generalization, the two thousand iPads abandoned within one hour of the iPad 2 announcement–which only happened at one particular outlet–seems like a pretty large number reached fairly quickly. One has to assume other people are selling their old, last generation, clearly outdated and don’t-even-work-anymore iPads to outlets beside Gazelle, which would mean many, many iPads are being left out in the metaphorical dirt road like a red fox named Tod.

(via Wired)

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