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Nancy Pelosi Throws Down, Repeatedly Calls Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon “White Supremacist”

Hillary tried to warn us.


We’re no fans of Trump’s chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, around here. He’s been the executive chair of Breitbart, a website that he once called the “platform for the alt-right”—the “alt-right,” as you’ll remember, is not-so-secret code for white supremacists. Hillary Clinton tried to warn everyone about this and was generally ignored by the people who needed to hear it, if the election results are any indication. Now, Nancy Pelosi is throwing down the gauntlet.

In the video clip above, wherein Pelosi calls Bannon a “white supremacist” twice in under 45 seconds, she’s referring to his placement on the National Security Council. It’s unusual enough for a political member of the president’s staff to sit on the National Security Council, and Bannon’s personal views on Islam and his self-proclaimed desire to “destroy the state” make the decision even more troubling.

As for being a white supremacist, Bannon’s even made remarks to an uncomfortable Trump that it’s a problem when tech company CEOs are from countries in Asia, seemingly preferring that anyone from a foreign country who goes to school in the United States then leaves the U.S. afterward instead of putting that education to work here. Bannon himself aside, the administration’s policies so far, especially the not-a-Muslim-ban-Muslim-ban and shifting counter terrorism efforts to focus solely on Islam, already reflect the dangerous ideology in the White House.

Pelosi’s not the first one to call Bannon out on this, but it has quite a different impact coming from her, as the leader of House Democrats, than it did from Clinton during the campaign and outspoken, outgoing, out-of-f***s Nevada Senator Harry Reid (who was retiring and replaced by another Democrat, in case you were wondering how his constituents felt about his opinions). Democrats in Congress have already introduced a bill to get Bannon removed from the NSC, so we’ll surely hear more on these developments from the reactionary, tantrum-prone White House we’ve come to know over the past two weeks.

(via Tommy Christopher on Twitter, image via screengrab)

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