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Dreams Dashed: Simon Pegg Not Playing Ant-Man

C'mon, Simon, don't troll us like that, man! Not cool.

Simon Pegg

It’s official, folks — hope is dead, and Edgar Wright’s planned Antman film won’t feature his longtime collaborator Simon Pegg in the starring role as scientific genius/domestic abuser Hank Pym. After tweeting a picture of himself at Marvel yesterday, Pegg drove the Internet — us included — into a tizzy of speculation that he would play Pym.

Later in the evening, though, Pegg — who was totally trolling us all with that photo, for the record — put the burgeoning rumors to rest.

Followed immediately, of course, by this:

And that’s how all our fondest hopes for the Ant-Man movie — which we still expect to be pretty great — got dashed to bits on the jagged rocks of reality. Le sigh.

This does beg the question, though, of who will be playing Pym, and whether we can expect to meet them before 2015’s Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, which would make sense, unless the MCU is going with the kind of lame “let’s just have Tony Stark make Ultron” backdoor, which we really hope they don’t. It makes sense if you’re not doing an Ant-Man movie, but if you are, it’s just kinda lazy storytelling. Unless the MCU’s Ant-Man is Scott Lang? OK, I’m cutting myself off before I go right down a particularly nerdy rabbit hole, here.

Well, any further down it, anyway.

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