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JK Rowling’s Patronus Test For Potter Is Imminent, So Prepare Yourselves

It is nigh.

I, like many Harry Potter fans, have some mixed feelings about Pottermore. New Potter content that reveals precious info about characters like the venerable Minerva McGonagall and shows us Harry & Co. hanging out at the Quidditch World Cup and luxuriously not getting attacked by Death Eaters? Hells yes. Having to navigate actual Pottermore to get to this content? Eh… Meh…

But JK Rowling is trying to drag us into her lair once more — this time to tell us what our patronuses (patronii?) are. The time is approaching, people.

I gotta be honest, the Pottermore Sorting Hat test eventually led me on a teeny-tiny multi-year crisis of identity in which I had absolutely no idea what house to which I belonged. Granted, it might have been my own fault for creating multiple accounts and taking the test five times, but I am wary and frightened nonetheless. Know what else I am? Incredibly excited. I may have matured past the point of needing JK Rowling’s input on who I am and what creatures and/or mixture of traits go along with that—but I feel no shame in admitting that I still want it. Besides, ever since Jo told the world that her patronus is this incredibly adorable creature, I’ve been pretty curious about what variety of animals she’d include in a test like this:

In other words: Bring it on, Pottermore. I pray mine is 1/10th as cute as a pine marten. Or a giraffe. Mostly because I just can’t let go of the image of a giraffe bursting out of a wand to smash some Dementor ass.

(Images via Warner Bros., Rebloggy)

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