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Sci-Fi Drama Passengers to Star Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt and Possibly Break Sony’s Bank Account

And yes, JLaw is getting paid more.


Two of Hollywood’s biggest and most bankable stars teaming up to star in a romantic sci-fi drama? Sign us up! After much drama over at Sony, the film Passengers has finally gotten the green light and is set to star two of our favorite people in the whole world: Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.

Passengers has been floating around Hollywood for years, and while Sony originally had misgivings about spending so much ($150 Million!) on an original sci-fi script, they’re thrilled that—considering the huge success of Jurassic World—they now have a sci-fi two-hander featuring two of the biggest names in film right now. PS the film is being described as “Gravity with romance.” It was written by Doctor Strange writer, Jon Spaihts, and The Imitation Game‘s Morten Tyldum is set to direct.

Even sweeter is the fact that Lawrence will be pulling in a higher paycheck ($20 Million), since she—you know—has an Oscar and, oh yeah, already has experience starring in a multi-million dollar franchise. But don’t cry for Chris Pratt, Argentina. His pay was tied to the success of Jurassic World. So, it started at $10 Million, but has now jumped to $12 Million since that film has done so well. It’s not like he’s going to be homeless any time soon.

Lastly, the fact that this is an original sci-fi film gives me a huge amount of hope. Sure, I wish there were a female writer or director involved. But this project right here, an original genre screenplay where the lead actress is paid what she’s worth? This is the kind of Hollywood project we want to encourage! Filming is set to start in September.

(via The Hollywood Reporter; Image via Red Carpet Report on Flickr)

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