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NBC To Put Parks and Recreation On Hiatus Starting… Now

Today in Depressing

On Friday NBC announced some upcoming schedule changes, and Vulture noticed something weird: It looks like, without an official announcement or anything of the sort, they’ve put Parks and Recreation on hiatus.

For two Thursdays in a row Parks and Rec will be replaced by a repeat of The Voice (eurgh) and a Halloween-themed Saturday Night Live clip show (also eurgh). The week after that The Voice was going to be on anyway, and on November 14th Parks and Rec returns… for only two weeks. The show’s Halloween and Election Day episodes will air back-to-back on both Thursdays, too late for both Halloween and Election Day. After that the show will go MIA again until January 9th. The weeks in between will be filled with football, the January 2nd premiere of Community (yay!), some reality TV, and that really weird Carrie Underwood-starring The Sound of Music live production that’s been giving me such mixed feelings.

Vulture points out that, yeah, this doesn’t look good for Parks and Rec, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be cancelled. With NBC’s new comedies performing poorly it’s not like they can afford to axe everything that doesn’t have huge ratings. It’s the same reason Community isn’t dead. Apparently the reason for Parks and Rec‘s extended vacation is that NBC wants everyone and their mother to watch new sitcom Sean Saves the World, which airs after what would be Parks and Rec‘s timeslot, only they figure all that other stuff is a better lead-in.

Gosh darnit. It this going to be another show that I only get around to watching after it gets cancelled? I hope not for your sakes, Parks and Rec fans. TV Gods willing, your show will be back on January 9th. Or, to draw another Community parallel, on whatever day January 9th ends up being.

(via: Vulture)

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