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Parks and Recreation Crew Not Having NRA Use Leslie Knope to Promote Their Garbage


Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation angry at Greg Pikitis because he's a little turd.

It seems a lot of people misconstrued NBC’s Parks and Recreation‘s friendly, reach-across-the-aisle style, and it continues to come back to bite them. Not only did FCC Chair Ajit Pai receive a sternly worded note from Ron Swanson himself on his use of the Swanson pyramid of greatness, but the NRA has now brought all the tenacity of Leslie Knope down upon themselves.

CNN held a town hall with the students of Parkland, Florida—who are turning the tragedy they lived through into action for change—and their parents, where they spoke with Florida Senator (and NRA donation recipient) Marco Rubio about gun control. For some reason, NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch was also there, because why not give a seat at the table to a lobbying group that uses the second amendment as a thin excuse to pump even more guns into a country that already has more guns per capita than anywhere else in the world?

Anyway, even though the raucously cheering crowd was impressed with neither Rubio nor Loesch and wasn’t shy about showing it—especially when a Sheriff reminded her that she was there to defend guns, not the shooting victims she claimed to be “fighting for”—the NRA was unsurprisingly pleased with Loesch’s advocating on their behalf. So pleased, in fact, that they used a GIF of one of the most enthusiastic (fictional) political figures of our time to show it.

But if there was one thing Parks and Recreation made clear, it was that the characters and the people behind them didn’t mind political differences, but mostly because they could still come together to call out those acting in bad faith and do what was right. So, the Parks and Rec crew let the NRA know exactly how they feel about the NRA using Leslie Knope to pat themselves on the back, including Amy Poehler herself:

As stern as those words may be, they’re nothing compared to how the Parkland students have been taking it to our elected officials, both in televised news and online, where they’ve continually burned anyone and everyone who’s tried to talk down to them.

(via Huffington Post, image: NBC)

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