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How to Papercraft Yourself in 10 Simple Steps

The instructors at Instructables have laid out in detail how to perform an extremely useful task: Making a full-size paper clone of yourself. Have a series of hilarious miscommunication caused you to have two dates with different people on the same night? Just send Paper McGee on one of them. Need your enemies to use up all their ammo so you can take them down? Roll Papyrus McPaperson into the line of fire. The possibilities are endless. But getting your paper clone is no easy task. It will take a full week of careful, diligent work.

We don’t want to steal Instructables’ thunder by just laying out the whole process here, so we recommend that, if this is relevant to your interests, you head on over to their page that tells you what to do. Just keep in mind, you will probably need to buy special glue and paper in order to do this. It could even cost as much as $40, especially if you also don’t have clothespins. Then again, real cloning will be way more expensive and also doesn’t exist yet, so that’s actually kind of a steal.

Just as a teaser, here are a couple more pictures of the process to show you how much you’ll feel like Tony Stark working in his lab while you put your clone together.

(Via Instructables via Gizmodo)

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