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New Trailers for Overwatch Are Surprisingly, Refreshingly Diverse

And the world hasn't ended yet!

Sure, the recently announced Overwatch sort of looks like Destiny meets Team Fortress meets League of Legends, but damn it if the characters they’ve introduced here haven’t won me over. Here is a summary of my thought process: “Oh, future Egypt, that’s neat. Cool, they started with a female character. Wait, there’s another one now and… I think she’s Indian? WAIT, now there’s third one with an Arabic name? THREE LADIES IN A ROW??? WHAT IS HAPPEN.”

In case you’re confused about what the heck is happening, there’s also a more cinematic trailer that explains the concept of the game. International team of X-Men-style fighters who fight each other? Yes please. Give to me now.

The only thing I could nitpick at so far is that there doesn’t appear to be a whole lot of body diversity in the female characters, particularly in relation to the male ones (where’s my lady gorilla and/or vaguely Hindu android?)—but given how fun all of this footage looks, Overwatch seems to be a very good step in the right direction. What are your thoughts, team?

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