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‘Overwatch 2’: Here’s Everything New in Season 3

Mercy mains, I have bad news.

Mythic Kiriko Skin from Overwatch 2 Season 3's Battle Pass

After months of frustration and criticism from Overwatch players about the monetization and content failings of the new battle pass system, Overwatch 2 season 3 is here, and with it comes the most encouraging battle pass the game has offered yet. Though it doesn’t entirely resolve some of the larger problems with the game, season 3’s battle pass features changes to in-game currency, more free skins/perks, a new map, and even the game’s first IP collaboration with a non-Blizzard brand. Here’s everything players can enjoy in Overwatch 2 season 3, from paid battle pass perks to free-to-earn rewards.

Does season 3 have any new characters?

Overwatch 2 season 3 is now live in-game, and the biggest question most players have is a simple one: Is there a new hero? Unfortunately, no—with Ramattra introduced last season, this season doesn’t feature any new heroes, and instead fills the content void with maps and game modes. Just because there aren’t any new characters doesn’t mean there aren’t changes to the roster, though.

As always, a new season brings new buffs and nerfs to all characters currently in-game. Heroes that saw significant changes this season include Mercy (whose guardian angel was nerfed), Ramattra (whose ultimate duration was capped) and Wrecking Ball, who also got a boost to his ultimate. Overall, most tanks saw an increase in the cost of their ultimate charge, as well as reduction in base health for non-role queue game modes.

This season’s featured hero in the Battle Pass is Kiriko, whose mythic skin “Amaterasu” serves as the premium reward at the end of the Pass. Other hero skins unique to this season’s battle pass include Chasa Reaper (legendary), Heavy Metal Junker Queen (legendary), Deluxe Baptiste (epic), Invisible Man Cassidy, Folklorica Sombra, and Demon Queen Moira.

What are the new game modes in season 3?

Cupid Hanzo from Overwatch 2 Season 3 Battle Pass

If you’re itching for something new, season three features a number of new Valentine’s Day-themed events centered around Hanzo and his new Cupid skin. Starting February 13, players have the ability to access a new 4v4 limited time mode, as well as support-themed challenges for special rewards. Additionally, season 3 features a non-canon text-based dating sim called “Loverwatch” in celebration of Valentine’s Day—the game’s first web-based mode. Players can choose between Mercy and Genji as they decide between dialogue options and try to spark romance with familiar heroes.

Other season 3 game modes included a limited-time One Punch Man event which includes a Doomfist skin players can earn via challenges. Additionally, season 3 features the return of the PachiMarchi event from March 21 through April 4, and will reward challenge finishers with an epic skin, six player icons, weapon charms, and more. The other big returning element in season 3 is the reintroduction of the advanced workshop tools for custom game creators.

What is season 3’s new map?

In lieu of a new character, season 3 instead features a new map: Arctic Peninsula, which returns players to the frigid Overwatch base featured in Mei’s Rise and Shine short. Arctic Peninsula is a control map, and will be swapped with one of season 2’s control maps in the map pool (another game feature that will end with season 3). Developers have shared that Arctic Peninsula features in-game ice fishing, as well as Penguins who can be interacted with via saying “Hello.”

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