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OS X Lion Allows Unauthorized Users to Boot Into Web Browser, is Neat


A lot of exciting information about the next iteration of Apple’s operating system, OS X Lion, was released during WWDC this year — particularly that it will be available for only $29 — but a neat feature that wasn’t discussed in depth is that Lion will allow unauthorized users to boot into “browser only” mode. Dubbed “Restart to Safari,” the mode will allow users to do exactly that, restart the computer into a mode that only provides access to the web browser and prevents users from having access to personal files.

The mode is most likely intended for kiosks and schools, and it probably isn’t 100% safe, as any hacker will say, the easiest way to gain unauthorized access to a computer is to actually have the computer in front of you, but for average computer users, the mode should keep personal files and settings safe.

Lion is expected to hit during July, and only be available through the Mac App Store for the aforementioned $29 price tag.

(via Mac Rumors)

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