Original Stitch's promo image of a jacket with a design celebrating One Piece Film: Red

Original Stitch Releases Limited-Time Shirt, Jacket For One Piece Film: Red

A fancy Shanks shirt for all!

We still don’t know the exact release date for One Piece Film: Red in North America. And so, we’ve been relegated to watching both reactions to the film and the parade of delightfully bizarre promotional merchandise from afar on social media. (My personal favorite? Peach John’s Red-inspired lingerie and UTA hoodie — which you can ship to the US.) Fortunately, the California-based high-end tailored shirt company, Original Stitch, is letting us laggers get in on the fun a little. They’ve released a line of One Piece Film: Red-inspired wear, which is only available for a limited time.

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You might recognize the brand “Original Stitch” from either their impressively extensive line of Pokémon Shirts or — even more likely considering you’ve clicked on this article — their previous releases of One Piece Shirts. Basically, the company supplies nerds like myself with high-end clothing that looks super nice, but actually has personality. Or just with a fun palette of designs to scroll through (LABOON!!).

They’re calling the Red line “commemorative,” which is one of the many ways you know the line is running for only a few months. There’s special tags and buttons and everything. The newest addition to the One Piece Shirts line is the jacket, which you can pick a lining for — a good choice for the slick yet coy nerd. There’s also a new, non-customizable shirt which features a rather intimidating close-up of Shanks’ scarred eye.

But the classic Original Stitch experience involves picking a base pattern and then decking out your shirt with different patterns on the collar, cuffs, and pocket. In order to facilitate this experience in the Red fashion, there’s a new line of Red-inspired designs which you can mix and match as you please (both with each other and with pre-existing designs). The obvious highlight? MINI BEPO. Outside of knowing the secrets laying inside Red, I have no clue what this “mini” business means. But I am here for anything and everything Bepo.

Just beware that all the customizations cost extra, and the base shirt is already $100. In other words, these aren’t cheap. It’s a nice shirt, though — I can tell you from experience.

Original Stitch’s One Piece Film: Red designs are available until September 30th. You can check out the details on their website. However, that deadline is probably before you’ll be able to see the movie! Alas, therein lay the woes of commercialism. But at least we’ve gotten some really good Red tie-in episodes in the anime.

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